Why I Attend WordCamp? [My Best Experience 2024]

Imagine a gathering where WordPress enthusiasts from around the globe unite, sharing ideas and forging connections.

That’s WordCamp – a hub of inspiration and learning.

In this reflection, I’ll unfold why I attend WordCamp and I will share my best highlight of WordCamp Nepal 2024.

Let’s begin!

Before My journey to the WordCamp.

Every time I attend WordCamp, but this time my mood is not good because of a load of work. I have my reservations about attending, thinking I won’t make it this time due to the workload. However, at the last moment, I decide to go to WordCamp Nepal 2024.

Another issue arises as I find myself alone at home with my dad; my mom, brother, and sister-in-law are in KTM (Kathmandu).

Let’s leave my dad alone at home and embark on the journey to WordCamp. Yet, another challenge surfaces – there is no bus or flight available for Pokhara. Therefore, I decided to go to Birtamode to catch a bus.

Finally, my journey begins!

1st Day, The Contributor day

The Contributor day at WordCamp Nepal 2024

So, the first day is the contributor day, during which you, I, and others contribute to WordPress, working together to build it for everyone. (Here is my profile at WordPress.org(Subarna Basnet))

I would like to ask a question to everyone: Are you still struggling to build your first website? If so, here is a guide for you on how to start a website in WordPress 2024.

Subarna Basnet

Contributor Day is not so important; it’s a time dedicated solely to contributing to WordPress. If you have ideas on how to contribute to the WordPress community, you can do so from anywhere in the world.

Now, with lovely couples (Asmita’s sister and her husband, Aabhushan, along with Abhishek’s brother and his wife, Srishty), we’ve decided to explore Pokhara. In just a few minutes, we all agreed to visit the beautiful Shiva Mandir (temple).

She’s the daughter of Abhishek’s brother. Aha, so cute, right?

After visiting Shiva Mandir, Abhishek’s wife (Vauju) took us to try some best food in Pokhara.

I fully enjoyed spending time with brothers, sister, and sister-in-law. Afterward, I decided to return to my room to get some rest.

After an hour, Radha Sister (MD at WearYaki) and We decided to explore Lakeside, one of the most popular places/areas in Pokhara.

The Next day (Conference day)

On this conference day, I am determined to promote our blogBloguplift. Therefore, I need to be highlighted throughout the day, and I don’t want to miss a single moment for promotion. Successfully, I met Nirav MehtaAsad Polash, and many other talented individuals from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

So, I wake up at 5:00 A.M., and I am ready to go to the event at 8:00 A.M.

My sister Radha and I are almost ready to go, but the mountains ask us,

Mountain: “Hey Subarna, won’t you take a picture with us?”

Subarna: “Yes, I will.”

Here are the images that I clicked in the morning before going to the WordCamp event with Radha dee (dee means sister in Nepali)…

So, after capturing some images we begin the way of WordCamp, I mean the hotel (Hotel Pokhara Grande)

So, finally, I met Sushant Rimal, the person behind Dev. Community Nepal, He is a super energetic person in the tech world.

After some conversation, we begin to have breakfast; I am so hungry.

Nirav Mehta at WordCamp Nepal 2024

Actually, I don’t like to attend any seasons at WordCamp. In the last few years, I made the decision not to attend any seasons and instead enjoy other activities while engaging with talented individuals.


Nirav Mehta has changed my perspective this time. I have never witnessed such a remarkable performance at WordCamp before. But ya, I enjoyed Rambabu Thapa’s session in WordCamp Kathmandu 2023.

The way he explained the journey of entrepreneurship with technology truly motivated me. I am now filled with energy and determination to grow my company Bhyakur.

Group Picture at Wordcamp Nepal 2024

I want to express my gratitude to Nirav Mehta for motivating me to bounce back and for inspiring me to grow my blog, bloguplift.

Your journey begins here!

WordCamp is the event where every entrepreneur and top leader gathers to discuss more about technology and entrepreneurship. So, from here, you can embark on your journey into the world of tech and WordPress. That’s why I attend WordCamp.

I truly enjoy conversing with Junior & Senior individuals who aspire to venture into the tech world and do something extraordinary.

Subarna and Aarjit

At the age of 15, Aarjit Poudel is a standout computer programmer. I’ve decided to give him a growth opportunity by hiring him, with the condition that he completes his 10th exam first.

Met Rista Kafle at WordCamp Kathmandu 2023, where she playfully roasted me. At WCNepal 2024, she was kind and I enjoyed spending time with her.

Ristha and Subarna

In this picture, you can observe the greatness of the event.

Many individuals attending WCNepal 2024 are from Bangladesh, India, and other countries. This means the Nepal WordPress community is always open to everyone.

Now it’s time to Bye-bye to Wordcamp Nepal 2024. I have shared a lot of pictures that you can enjoy again whenever you visit BlogUplift.

After Party

After Party is the beauty of WordCamp. When I attend WordCamp, I enjoy the after-party a lot. This is the time to give some rest to your body and to share and talk to experts in the industry while holding alcohol, but I don’t drink.

After Party is the beauty of WordCamp.

The Beauty of Pokhara

After completing WCNepal 2024, We decided to stay one more day in Pokhara to explore more beauties.

So, we visited the lakeside temple, and here is a beautiful picture of Pokhara.

The Beauty of Pokhara, when i attend WordCamp

[We did not visit other places because we needed some rest, and we came back to our room.]

Thank you for reading about my experience at WCNepal 2024. Here, I have written informative content to guide you in the digital world. I hope you enjoy it.

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Subarna Basnet is a young tech enthusiast and professional blogger from Kathmandu, Nepal. He writes about content writing, social media, WordPress, SEO, and making money in Bloguplift.

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