How to Remove the Footer Credit in a Free Blogger Theme

In this article, we will show you how to remove the footer credit in a free Blogger theme.

Many free themes come with a credit link to the original website in the footer, and if you try to remove it, it will automatically redirect to the original website.

However, with a few simple steps, you can easily remove the footer credit and add your own.

Easy Steps to Remove Footer Credit in Blogger

  • Log in to Blogger.
  • Go to Theme.
  • Backup.
  • Edit HTML.
  • Find the footer code.
  • Remove or modify.
  • Save changes.
  • Preview blog.
  • Apply changes.

Note: Before you start, please save a copy of your theme file, just to be safe. It’s like wearing a helmet while biking – it might not be needed, but it’s a good idea to have one just in case!

Step 1: Access the Theme Editor

Access Blogger Theme Section

To remove the footer credit, you need to access the theme editor. Go to your Blogger dashboard, click on “Theme” in the left sidebar, and then click on “Edit HTML.”

Edit HTML section in Blogspot

Step 2: Find the Footer Credit Text

Once you’re in the theme editor, press CTRL + F to open the search box. Copy the footer credit text, such as “Design by,” and paste it into the search box.

Edit Blogspot Template in Blogger website

Press Enter to find the text in the HTML code.

Step 3: Hide the Footer Credit Text

If you want to hide the footer credit text instead of removing it, you can do so by adding some css code.

Hide the Footer Credit Text of blogger website

Now just add this code.

<div style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>

This CSS code will reduce the size of the text and hide it.

Now Just, Save the changes.

Step 4: Add Your Own Footer Credit

To add your own footer credit, go back to the theme editor and click on “Edit HTML.” Again press CTRL + F and search “Design by” and press Enter.

Now add your own footer code.

If you don’t have your own then use this code.

<p>Copyright (c) 2021 <a href=''>sitename</a> All Right Reseved</p>
<div style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>
<!--Original copyright Link Here-->

Save the changes.

Congratulations you have successfully removed the footer credit and added your own footer credit.

Have a nice day.

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