How to get an Adsense account approved in 2024

  • Are you not getting your AdSense account approved?

Here I have written an article that will cover why you are not getting Adsense approved in 2024?

Google AdSense is the most effective and easier option for Beginner Bloggers. You can make money simply by putting adsense ads on your website.

If your website is attracting a steady flow of organic and social traffic, then most likely your website will be approved for adsense. Consider following the best practices and content policies by Adsense.

In this post, I’ll provide you with valuable tips to get Google Adsense Account approved for your website easily.

Why AdSense Account Approved is so hard?

Getting your AdSense account approved can be challenging because Google has strict eligibility criteria and policies in place to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the websites and content that display AdSense ads.

Adsense Generally reject new sites where the domain age is less than 4-6 months and has less overall blog post. They also check various other factors as well which we have discussed below.

Look at the above image we have been approved by Google Adsense and in this article, I will share exactly the same process and steps you need to do to get Google Adsense Approved.

Supercharge Your Adsense Journey with These Pro Tips!

Getting approved by AdSense has become tougher compared to previous years.

However, if you follow the tips I’ve mentioned below, you can secure your AdSense approval.

  1. Original Content
  2. Blog Design
  3. Required Elements
  4. Consistency in Writing
  5. Authority
  6. Trustworthiness
  7. No Other Ad Networks
  8. Website Traffic
  9. Expertise
  10. SSL
  11. Submitting
  12. Use a Custom Domain
  13. Avoid Thin Category Pages
  14. Extra Tips For your Adsense Account Approval

Let’s get started!

1. Original Content

Google hates duplication. Having unique content is a key thing that Google AdSense looks for before approving. Elaborating on this plain truth, I would suggest you not copy-paste any content into your blog post. Furthermore, you should not try to trick Google with paraphrasing tools, or AI.

These days, Google has been apparently rejecting those blogs that do not offer anything unique and helpful content to the target audience. You can copy a little portion from other website provided that you have given proper attribution to the original site.

2. Blog Design

Create a clean site design that helps both viewers and Google bots. It doesn’t have to be overly professional but focus on making it clean, responsive, and well-organized. This way, visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Avoid using too much pop-ups, banner ads and Promotional material while you are submitting for Adsense approval. Make sure to Add all important links to the header Navigation Menu and Footer menu.

I also recommend you to work on the speed improvement of the website. Try to fix errors given by Page Speed insights or any other tools like GTMetrixPingdom etc.

3. Required Elements

Before applying to Google AdSense, ensure you have created a few essential pages, such as ‘About,’ ‘Contact,’ ‘Privacy,’ and ‘Disclaimer.’ Additionally, make sure to set up proper widgets.

Make sure to remove all dummy pages and widgets that are present on the website before applying for Adsense approval. Remove all lorem ipsum dummy text as well. Otherwise, your site may be rejected due to site under-construction error.

Never Make your site under construction mode when you apply for google adsense

Most people just create dummy pages of About contact without Proper content on them. Make sure to write the About Us page properly with the Author’s information Like Name, Profile Pic, Educational qualifications etc.

Also, add a working email address and contact form to your Contact us page. Adding social media links also give a better impressions.

4. Consistency in Writing

Your writing trend should be regular and progressive. You may not need to write every day, or in compulsion. However. the trend should suggest that you are a horse of the long race.

The quality of blog posts should also be consistent over time. You should not trick Google with good initial blogs and further blogs posted carelessly.

I recommend you to publish at least 2-3 Blog posts per week. Also, create custom thumbnails for all of your blog posts according to the Brand color. Maintaining consistency in Brand color, Typography, Thumbnail design etc helps you stand out and chances of getting adsense approval increases.

5. Authority

Nowadays, people are suggesting that a well-revealed blogger with contact details is said to add to the authority of a blog website. Hence, based on my experience I would suggest that authority has also been considered as an advantage by the Google Adsense team.

To add authority, you should add an ‘about’ page and a page with contact details/form.

You can also build some quality backlinks to your website to increase domain authority. Although this is not that important but works as an added benefits.

6. Trustworthiness

The factual information and the arguments in your blog posts should be true and logical. The declaration of cookies policy, privacy policy, and advertisements/affiliation should be done in relevant pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, etc.

The blog should adhere to the regulations of geographical nation-states regarding cookie policy, privacy, advertisement, and more. Google AdSense will make you aware of these affairs.

If your Blog falls under the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) Niches then you need to provide proper disclaimer on all of your Articles. Adsense Take these niches like health, finance, or well-being more seriously.

7. No Other Ad Networks

With Google AdSense, you should not implement other other Ad Networks in your blog/website. You can use another ad network along with adsense once you get the approval. But, while sending the site for approval, Make sure to remove other ad codes.

Note: You can still use few affiliate banner ads if you want but keep the quantity limited.

8. Website Traffic

Even though you are consistent in writing, you are not able to generate significant organic/social traffic. Your site may not be approved for Google Adsense. Hence, you should work in SEO and Community around the niche of your blog.

Try to bring traffic from Organic sources Like Google, Pinterest, Quora, and YouTube to your website. If you are not getting sufficient traffic, then there is no point in getting adsense approval.

Avoid buying traffic from unauthorized and shady websites. Google adsense closely monitor the quality of site traffic and it can also limit the number of ads or even suspend the account if you are getting invalid traffic.

Note: There is no problem running ads on Google, Facebook or other social media platforms, but buying traffic is not acceptable as most such website send bot traffic instead of real users.

9. Expertise

A random duplicate site is most likely not approved for Google AdSense Program Implementation. Instead, you should pour your own original expertise onto your blog. In such a scenario, your site will be most likely approved, even sooner than you expected.

10. SSL

I suggest that your site should have SSL certificates. Sites without SSL are not considered safe. Hence, Google will most likely not approve blog sites without SSL. Once you have SSL installed, you should enable your site to be loaded through https:// version.

11. Submitting

Keep submitting your content to the Google Search console. Even if it has been rejected you must resubmit the content after correcting the errors and drawbacks.

12. Use a Custom Domain

If you are using Blogger platform and still using the Blogspot subdomain, then I recommend you to invest in a custom Top level domain like .com, .in, .org etc. Adsense will give priority to custom domain as most people use free domains for spamming.

If you haven’t purchase the domain yet, then you can get one for cheap price from domain provider like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger or CloudFlare.

13. Avoid Thin Category Pages

Don’t create multiple category instead you can create one category first and write at least 7-8 articles on them before moving to the next category. If you already created the categories then only add links of those category to the Menu where there is atleast 5-6 articles.

If Adsense team found 1-2 articles on a category, then you may get the error ‘Site is under construction‘.

14. Extra Tips For your Adsense Account Approval

For an additional tip to increase your chances of AdSense approval, I recommend you create a professional email ID or Gmail account, such as add this email ID to your website’s header or footer.

Pay close attention to your design, and make it clean, simple, and easily understand layout.

Additionally, prioritize intuitive navigation.

Do You Know?
The revenue share provided by Google AdSense is 68% of the earnings generated from contextual ads displayed on a publisher’s website. For instance, if Google’s ad inventory auction on your site yields an average monthly income of $10,00, you will receive $6,80 as your share through Google AdSense’s 68% revenue split.

Eligibility requirements for AdSense

Here are the eligibility requirements for AdSense approval:

Unique and Interesting Content

Your content should be original and engaging, offering value to users. If you are coping content from other website or just modifying a little bit and publishing on your website then it will not called as unique.

Even stay way from using AI or any spinned content tools or paraphrasing tools. Always try to write the content on your own. Read more about it, do some research and then write the content on your website.

Here, Note that Google adsense won’t show ads on pages with scraped or copyrighted content even if you have already taken the approval. Ads will not load on those pages.

AdSense Policy Compliance

Ensure your website follows AdSense policies and guidelines to maintain a safe and appropriate environment for ads.

Most Beginners don’t take this point seriously and doesn’t follow the adsense policy and fail to get adsense approval.

if you want to learn more about adsense policy, I highly recommend you to follow this Google Publisher Policies playlist by official adsense youtube channel.

You must be at least 18+ years old to participate in the AdSense program.

Note: If you’re younger than 18, you can ask a grown-up, like your parent or guardian, to create an AdSense account using their own Google Account. If their AdSense account gets approved, they will receive all the money for the website.

Website Age

Your website should be at least 6 months old before applying for AdSense.

Avoid Provocative Content

Steer clear of content that is provocative, adult-oriented, or violates AdSense content policies.

You can learn more about it on the Google Publisher Restrictions page.

You can’t display ads on websites that are meant to streaming content, or downloads, or linked to pages that doesn’t exist or redirect to irrelevant pages.


Is it hard to get approved for Adsense?

Getting Adsense approval can be a bit tough. Your website and content must be good, follow rules, and have some visitors. But with good content and patience, many get approved.

What is the minimum traffic for Adsense?

You don’t need a specific number of visitors for Adsense. Quality content and following rules matter more than traffic.

Can I have 2 Adsense Accounts?

No, you can’t have two adsense accounts. Having more than one can get all your accounts banned.

How long does it take google Adsense to approve?

It can take a few days to a few weeks. They check your site manually. They’ll email you when they decide. while you wait, work on making your site better.

Why am I not getting approved for AdSense?

There could be reasons like bad content, not following rules, or not many visitors to your site. Make sure your site meets the rules before applying again.

Can I monetize without AdSense?

Yes, if your site is not monetised with adsense then you can consider joining other ad networks like Adpushup, Adsterra, Ezoic, etc.

Can I reapply for AdSense if my application is rejected?

Yes, You can reapply again once your application is rejected. Just make sure to correct the error given by adsense, write more articles and reapply again after 15-20 days.


In short, my suggestion is to focus on creating high-quality, informative content that addresses your audience’s questions and needs. Your content should be engaging and relevant.

Remember, the article provides a foundational understanding, but it’s up to you how you leverage this knowledge.

Patience and persistence are key when applying for AdSense, as it can take time to meet Google’s requirements and receive approval.

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