How to Delete a Blog on Blogger Permanently?

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If you’ve decided to delete a blog on Blogger, whether to move on to new projects or declutter, here’s how to permanently remove it:

  1. Log in to Blogger
  2. Select Your Blog
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Find “Manage Blog”
  5. Initiate Deletion
  6. Confirm Permanent Deletion

Note: Back Up Your Content Consider exporting your blog’s content if you might want it later. Blogger has a built-in export option to download posts, comments, and other data.

So, Let’s Begin!

Steps to Permanently Delete a Blog on Blogger:

Follow these steps to delete a blog on blogger permanently, Here below is the list of steps:-

Log in to Blogger

Use your Google account to sign in on Blogger.

blogger official website

Select Your Blog

On your dashboard, click on the blog you want to delete.

select your blogger blog

Go to Settings

Find “Settings” in the left-hand menu and click it.

setting blogger website

Find “Manage Blog”

Scroll down to the “Manage Blog” section.

manage blog section in blogger

Initiate Deletion

Remove your blogger blog website

Click “Remove your blog.”

delete blogger blog

Now click “Delete”.

Confirm Permanent Deletion

Choose “Permanently delete” to ensure the blog and its content are completely removed.

delete blogger blog website permanently



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