Blogger Portfolio Template (20+ Collection)

Are you searching for the best Blogger Portfolio Template to showcase your creativity and professional portfolio? Look no further! In this article, we’ll share the top 20 best blogger portfolio themes that enhance your online presence.

These Blogger templates will make your site look amazing! Whether you’re an artist, photographer, designer, or coder, having a fantastic design for your website is crucial.

So, let’s begin without wasting your time.

SoraHive Blogger Template

SoraHive Blogger Template comprises of simple yet elegant look. The user-friendly design of this template creates a remarkable impression on the user. Marketing Agencies, Personal Portfolios, small businesses, and startups majorly use the SoraHive Blogger Template.

This theme is highly responsive. The minimal scrolling and an intuitive user experience create a compelling first impression. It contains a friendly design and facilitates fast loading, compatible with all types of devices.

Sora CV Blogger Template

Sora CV Blogger Template provides services in both the free and premium versions, serving a range of user preferences. This template contains a simple and concise way of presenting information in a clean and clear format.

The Sora CV Blogger template looks professional and comprises sections portrayed in an elegant way such that personal information with an image on its left sidebar and the contact details with a meta blue colour on its downside afterwards. At the bottom, it comprises the description of own making this template look absolutely professional and eye-catching.

Cybor Blogger Template

Cybor Blogger Template is popular in fields like Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Advertising Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Branding, and modern portfolios. This template looks refreshing. It consists of various visually impacting elements. Designers and artists used this theme to add outstanding effects to their websites.

Stylish Cybor Blogger Template contains cutting-edge visuals on a single page. Furthermore, it is integrated with all the latest features and elements essential for leaving a powerful first impression. You will get a stunning responsive design from this template.

Solio Blogger Template

The Solio Blogger Template looks incredible. Designers commonly use this template for agencies, photography, personal websites, small startups, and creating projects. Additionally, this template is fully responsive and comprises the latest design styles and fast loading.

The minimalistic design with perfect colour combinations highlights the theme more beautifully. The home page looks awesome in high-resolution screens and high-density displays. It is a one-page blogger theme crafting a dazzling front-page view.

Shoppy Blogger Template

The Shoppy Blogger Template is colorful. Businesses often use this single-page template to professionally showcase their ideas to clients. Additionally, users can easily modify it, including features with the latest SEO-friendly tools.

Furthermore, the UI possesses a vibrant array of colours. Notably, Shoppy Blogger Template is the best template in Search Engines and can rank your website in Google conveniently

OneJob Blogger Template

OneJob Blogger Template is a Portfolio Blogger Template which is majorly used to create a personal portfolio, App showcases, web development, agencies, schools, institutions, charities, agencies etc. and product landing page. The minimalistic design but impressive layout catches the eye of every viewer.

Moreover, additional features like Review, Team Listings, Contact Form, etc., are pre-installed in the OneJob Portfolio Blogger Template, making it the best among others. Additionally, it is fully responsive, Browser Compatible, has No Sidebars and supports unlimited Color and AMP.

Quick Blogger Template

Bloggers widely use the Quick Blogger Template for various niches such as Traveling, Food Haunting, Photography, Portfolio, and Businesses. The templates provide multiple post-sharing options enchanting the beautiful way of presenting blogging ideas. In addition, the theme is fully compatible with Adsense.

Furthermore, this is a quick and easy-to-go template. Additionally, it encompasses multiple features like an Automatic Slider, Post Section, and Counter Widget. Moreover, the pre-installed SEO meta tags are helpful for ranking. Notably, this theme offers total flexibility and responsiveness in all types of gadgets.

Invento Blogger Template

Invento Portfolio Template comprises two styles. Firstly, the Home page presents a clean and modern design with an impressive front page. Secondly, the second page consists of the blog post area. This portfolio is versatile, and suitable for businesses and agencies looking to make a valuable impact with a minimalistic design and comprehensive relative information.

Furthermore, users can leverage this template to showcase testimonials, team members, services provided, partners, and creative works. Notably, it incorporates animated features as well, offering a quick overview of the site in just a few seconds.

SIO Blogger Template

The SIO template is tailored specifically for the business niche. This template offers the full package of features and functionalities on a page. This makes the page more convenient and efficient to use. Moreover, designers crafted it using the latest framework. It also includes sections for testimonials, blogs, services, projects, and many more.

Moreover, this template consists of a lightweight script and ensures a flexible working pattern, fast loading, and responsiveness. Users find the SIO template most suitable for professional business purposes.

Aveen Blogger Template

Aveen Blogger Template is a modern and easy-to-implement theme. The template contains a minimalistic front page design with an eye-catching impression, short information about the writer, and a navbar menu. Widely used for agencies, small businesses, and studio niches, this template is created using the latest and modern tools.

Moreover, the theme is SEO-friendly and compatible with all types of browsers. Additionally, the theme is easily customizable. The unique design of the Aveen Blogger template is the choice of most users, creating an easily friendly and modern website design.

Omni Blogger Template

Omni Blogger Template, a Portfolio Blogger Template, is the optimal choice for business sites. Crafted with the latest tools, it stands out as the best option. Moreover, most sections of the template incorporate animated features to accentuate business values and features

This Portfolio Blogger Template is fully responsive and serves a powerful visual impact with the colour combination in its template. It is AdSense-friendly and designed using the latest SEO Code. Furthermore, it is highly responsive and compatible with other devices.

Basil Blogger Template

Basil Blogger Template offers HD graphics, providing a perfect photography interface for generating a visually appealing business website and excellent sites for every writer and blogger. Widely utilized by marketing agencies, digital agencies, and advertising companies, this template stands out.

Additionally, the Basil Theme includes a grid-layout post section, making it fully responsive and compatible with all devices. Featuring fast, blazing Ajax loading functionality, it ensures a seamless user experience. Notably, there is a separate testimonial section for client reviews and a social sharing widget, creating a well-optimized landing page blogger template.

Saas Blog Template

Saas Blog Template, a heavily customized Portfolio Blogger Template, showcases a stylish and colourful theme design. Furthermore, each section of the template is meticulously designed, resulting in an eye-appealing visual impact. This template distinguishes itself as a versatile option for both bloggers and portfolios.

This Portfolio Blogger Template looks like a premium type of template. Agency, Web Development, Schools, Trekking Companies, and Digital products use this template extremely. If you are looking for a highly customized and SEO-friendly template without the need for any change, then this can be the best option for you.

Folio Blogger Template

Folio Blogger Template, recognized as one of the best Portfolio Blogger Templates, stands out with its outstanding animation feature integrated. Moreover, the additional features and functionalities of this template are truly eye-catching. Transitioning to its professional outlook, this template can have a positive impact on your personal portfolio too.

Furthermore, this theme is loaded with many useful widgets to provide an overview of personal information or business status, showcasing skills, testimonials, contact details, and your information. It proves to be the ideal choice for product landing pages, web development, agencies, creative work, and more. Additionally, creators have highly optimized the template, ensuring compatibility with all types of devices.

Deva Blogger Template

The designer utilizes the Deva Blogger Template for business niches. Renowned as one of the best templates, it encompasses all functionalities and features, created using the latest framework. Furthermore, the theme is marvellously customized, showcasing each section of the template beautifully.

Additionally, this template boasts a lighter-weight code, ensuring faster loading. Notably, it includes pre-coded SEO-Friendly elements and is well organized to provide an attractive professional look.

InBio Blogger Template

InBio Blogger Template boasts a decent and incredible look. Moreover, the theme is well-optimized. On the homepage, the content is concise, featuring an awesome navbar layout and the logo at the left sidebar. Importantly, it can be easily customized as per your interest.

This template is a one-page responsive template, used in studios, the creative field, personal portfolio, businesses, and many more. It is inbuilt optimized which eventually supports ranking in Google, SEO-Friendly and light script helps in fast loading.

Director Blogger Template

The Director Blogger template is also a popular choice for designers. It uses the latest trend tool for templates which makes its outlooks very clean and amazing. Designers use the Director Blogger Template mainly for businesses, product marketing, and many more.

The theme is visually stunning. Additionally, each section of the template is beautifully organized, containing all the information from the intro to the contact form. Furthermore, it is suitable for all screen sizes and supports fast loading, creating a standard-looking blog.

Storm Blogger Template

Storm Blogger Template is a Portfolio Blogger Template specifically designed for making a Resume, Personal Portfolio, or Business site. This portfolio blogger template is easy to use and contains all the important features like an icon box, testimonials, team members, skills level, contact form with a map, portfolio items, animated numbers, and many more.

The professional outlook of Storm Blogger Template comprises all the good quality features. Furthermore, the minimalistic design of the theme makes it look more amazing. Additionally, it is highly responsive and easy to customize.

Embe Blogger Template

The Embe Blogger Template uses the latest tools to add an aesthetic view to the site.
Specifically designed for popular niches like News, Magazines, Fashion, Food, and Tech Blogs, creators considered this theme with a modern approach to pleasing the eye with an attractive and simple look.

Moreover, at the bottom, you can add trending hashtags and Instagram posts. Additionally, it contains schema markups, helping to optimize your content. Notably, the eye-catching home page interface will help you increase your ranking on Google Sites. Furthermore, it contains many sections for you to showcase the content.

Infinity Blogger Template

Infinity Blogger Templates offers an animated, vibrant color combination creating a refreshing cheerful impression. Features like clicking on the drop-down icon will directly direct you to the recent post making functionalities of the website even more impactful.

The other pages include the sections for their service sites, history, and project details.
In general, it covers all the sections that a website needs. This theme has used the latest technology tools with a decent and attractive design.
The template follows an SEO-friendly pattern.

Tyrin Blogger Template

Designers crafted the Tyrin Blogger Template for easy content creation. Moreover, the vibrant colour and fresh, clean, and modern design assist in making your portfolio look elegant. Additionally, the homepage of this template strongly resonates with users, leaving a lasting impression.

The template includes the creative design, exclusive menu, and custom widgets. It also offers a complete set of customizations to make Steve’s blogger template really unique. In addition, it is fully responsive and SEO-friendly.


In this blog, you have found 20+ templates that you can use to make a blogger portfolio.
The provided portfolio blogger templates have been gathered through thorough research. These templates are versatile, serving as effective tools for personal portfolios or business portfolios. Additionally, they offer the flexibility to be customized according to your specific requirements.

Undoubtedly, this blog would have assisted you in selecting the optimal portfolio template that suits your needs. We would like to hear from you, about which portfolio blogger template suits your choice and if you are familiar with any additional templates which are missing out in this blog. Feel free to comment down.

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